The Economics Of Creativity

The Economics Of Creativity


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Transformation of creativity into economic value is considered creativity economics. Innovation generates additional value via creativity.

Unusual skill of perception, with intuitive touches and a tool that is able to diversify and transform reasons of exintence which contrust a bigger picture, integrates imagination with interdisciplinary functions and ignites creativity. Being  open to new ideas is important for important for improving a culture of innovation that promotes creativity and for laying the ground for a strategy that combines flow of information into one single pool.

There is no need for extraordinary talents to create infrastructure of creativity with a culture of innovation. When we cros a multidisciplinary streucture by taking down the walls of connotation, this will constitute creativity in the coherence of a puzzle where web ring together different pieces. Creativity fosters innovation, innovationadded value and added value econommic growth.

An innovative product manufactured with uniqueness, consumer utility and stimulation of new sensations is valueble as long as it resolves problems of consumers. The value that emerges serves as a means of additional value that contributes to eceonomic development with the support of the success of strategy of creativity.

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